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Boy at the beach writing on sand with his finger

Ideas for parents:

Parents can find great ideas to help their children improve their literacy and numeracy skills in the Parent Support section.

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Small group of Students looking at texts

Literacy video — Language and literacy in the 21st century:

Professor Christie and Professor Simpson discuss the crucial role that literacy plays, social responsibility and writing development.

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Auburn West Public School building

A successful literacy idea — Auburn West Public School:

To celebrate National Literacy and Numeracy Week, Auburn West Public School has organised two author visits.

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Small group of students throwing dices

Numeracy video — Mathematical reasoning

In this video, Professor Kaye Stacey explores reasoning that establishes why mathematical results are true.

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Clarke Road Special School badge

A successful literacy idea — Clarke Road Special School, Hornsby:

Clarke Road School will be holding a Literacy Day where students, staff and community members are invited.

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